Happy Holidays!

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Rowan Jamming with Jack Garten. Rowan had just started saxophone lessons about one month before.   March 2

Trevor is holding up some spiffy new socks that just arrived for his 12th Birthday.   April 9

Can you see all the string? This is the spider web game at Rowan’s 8th Birthday party. It’s the best game - we make the mess and all the kids clean it up. There is a prize at the end of each string.   April 12

Cake time at Rowan’s party.   April 12

A quick visit from our Bay Area friends Tony & Patrice.   April 19

John’s cousin Scot is having a Memorial Weekend rest in the park with Coco at his side.   May 25

I think you have seen these wigs on the site before. Trevor and Rowan are giving a skit with Audrey.   April 27

A couple dog pictures: Coco is playing in the park with a new-found friend. She’s the one with all four legs off the ground. Vancouver has many off-leash dog areas and a lot of dogs!   May 25

Rowan has been fascinated with motorcycles from about the age of 2. The officer is watching closely, thinking Rowan might speed off any second.   July 5

Trudy Ann had a Ladies Weekend in Seattle with her Aunt Kathy and cousin Joanna.   June 15