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December 2008   Page 2

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Most persons looking the this picture would see three people. Not Trudy Ann. She sees CHEESECAKE. A late Birthday celebration for her.   July 5

Rowan and Trevor at the New Brighton Park in Vancouver with our Bay Area friend Austin.   July 15

The last 2 weeks of August were spent in the Bay Area visiting family & friends. A family reunion with John’s mom, sisters & families filled one weekend.  From left to right: John, Trevor, Trudy Ann, Rowan, Jean, Fabián, Cate (above), Jet (below), Michelle, Anne and Michael.   August 23

Trevor & Rowan with their cousin Jet patiently waiting for the barbeque dinner to be served.   August 23

Next stop was The Sea Ranch to visit John’s mom, and to celebrate her 70th Birthday. Here are Trevor & Rowan marching in, providing a little musical entertainment.   August 25

Our first live hockey game in Canada. That’s Rowan sitting with Alyssa, a schoolmate from last year. The Vancouver Giants are our local Canadian Hockey League team (Major League Juniors).   September 26

And here is John’s mom, Jean and guests looking on, with appreciation for the music.   August 25

With the birthday party over, we get some time to play at the beach. We are making dribble castles.   August 26

Left to Right

Back Row: Glen, Roy

Middle: Rowan, Trevor

Lower Middle: Daniel

Front: Andrew

Trudy Ann took Trevor & Rowan to visit East Coast, USA family in July. Here we see a pack of cousins. Left to right: Daniel, Rowan, Sydney, Sophia, Trevor & Andrew