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We have a single page of photos for you this time ‘round. The themes are music, Christmas, snow and miscellaneous.

Music First! Isn’t that true of our household these days... In December Trevor went busking on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver. At one point a gentleman familiar with the neighborhood and the street life passed by and said “I didn’t know they had KIDS pan-handling these days!” ... busking not pan-handling...

Rowan came along to watch, but ended up joining them on a few tunes.

In December Trevor joined Mr. M and the All Nighters and has played a hand-full of gigs with them. This is at the Great Bear Pub in Burnaby, B.C. December 27.

Some Mr. M videos are linked on the VIDEO page.

Mr. M and the All Nighters played a New Year’s Eve show at the Great Bear Pub. The song list was the same as the show on the 27th, except for the addition of ‘Auld Lang Syne’. At about 11:50 PM they found a quiet, private place to rehearse their horn arrangement: the Men’s Room. It was occupied. Some lucky gentleman got a private show.

At the turn of the New Year the horn section paraded through the floor of the pub.

This year we celebrated Christmas in Vancouver for the first time. Good Ole Santa came through. Trevor is showing off a framed poster of Louis Armstrong photographs and Rowan is holding up a t-shirt with the Vancouver 2010 Olympic mascots.

This Christmas was also unique in that we spent the whole day in our own house. I think that’s only happened once before. Our good friends Bob & Monique joined us for a Christmas dinner.

John made a Bûche de Noël... the chocolate version... with meringue mushrooms...

On New Year’s Eve a couple of unexpected guests showed up.

Snow! The snow started about the 16th of December and for about three weeks we got more and more of it. Vancouver really isn’t prepared for that much snow. I think we had a good 12” of accumulation before it warmed up and started to melt.

Trevor and Rowan continue with the weekly Hockey Heroes program. This is Rowan’s first chance with the full suit of goalie gear. It’s a lot of stuff to wear and hard to move around until you get used to it.

Just Finished! Trudy Ann is proud to show off her latest crochet project.

Our first visitor of 2009 was David, Trudy Ann’s cousin from Melbourne, Australia. He got a surprise extra on his trip: an unscheduled stop in Spokane, Washington due to snow closures at Vancouver, Seattle and Portland.

Rowan & David got along just fine, as you can see.

Here’s Rowan again, this time with two schoolmates: Robin, with the drum and Landon seated at the piano.