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We had visitors from New Mexico last summer: Niloufer & Brad and their children David & Shailey. Riding the water taxi (left) is Trudy Ann with Niloufer, Shailey & David. Below that, Rowan & Trevor are standing with Audrey, David & Shailey. And, to the right of that, Brad, in orange pants, and Shailey, in the red shirt, are holding banners for a Canada Day parade. Honorary Canadians for a day.

Spring Break in March found us in Chilliwack, BC - about an hour inland from Vancouver. Trevor & Rowan are at Chilliwack Lake. The peaks in the distance are in North Cascades National Park, Washington State. We took a side trip to meet the cows whose milk we drink. So friendly!

Two pictures of Coco. She is about 18 months old now and about 45 pounds. Fit & trim.

Some strangers among us... Niels, from Germany spent a month or so boarding with us; Alan, from Scotland was ‘couch surfing’ with us for a few days. We gave him a proper bed...

While Trudy Ann’s mom, Prafulla, was with us we spent a weekend on the Sunshine Coast at our favorite B&B with our favorite host Loragene. The photo on the right is at the Skookumchuck Narrows.