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Megan from Wisconsin (well, Chicago) came for a visit in March. Here she is with Rowan. They are showing off their new hats.

Monique came out to hear Trevor play at a show in February.

Cory and Trevor on graduation day from clowning school. Actually, they’re just having fun playing some music.

Trevor is enjoying his room service spread while waiting his turn to play at the 2009 Juno Awards Banquet Dinner (more on that in a future post...)

Trudy Ann & the boys with visitors from Bombay, currently living in Spain. Hubert & Sharon and their children Sanaya & Aditya.

Rowan had his 9th birthday in April. At left he is with Audrey & Alyssa, sporting the latest in young ladies’ eye-wear. At right is cake time: Mercedes, Ericsson, Quentin, Audrey, Alyssa and Owen help with the festivities.

Happy Birthday, Trevor!

Officially a teenager now.

In May Rowan & Trevor played some tunes at a community festival in our neighborhood. They did an awesome job. Here, Rowan is playing his first public solo - the Pink Panther Theme.