Our Olympic Experience

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So, did you know that Vancouver hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics? It was a pretty good time! The worries about traffic congestion and general mayhem did not materialize, at least in our experience.

After being unsuccessful in getting tickets to any events, the marching band that Rowan & Trevor play with was asked to entertain the in-coming crowds at the Ice Skating venue. The best part of it was that the band could stay on  for the event. Pretty good pay for 45 minutes of music!

The Drive Street Band plays for the crowd at Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver.

Trudy Ann & Rowan are showing their accreditation passes, required by anyone who had anything to do with the Olympics.

The last two days the band was seated in the athlete spectator’s section.

Tomas Verner, figure skater from the Czech Republic

Hubert Ushohenlohe, alpine skier representing Mexico - the oldest competing athlete at the 2010 games

Nicholas Buckland & Penny Coomes, figure skaters from UK

Alexandre Bilodeau, freestyle skier from Canada. That’s Xena Jacob with Rowan, the bands newest member.

On Sunday, February 28th, the last day of the games, we went downtown to celebrate Canada’s hockey gold medal. Yes, the four of us and about 150,000 others...

Trevor plays a few spontaneous rounds of ‘O Canada’ - with the crowd singing along.