Cross country skiing in February with Nicholas & Sophia, visiting from California

The highlight of the year was our amazing March / April trip to Argentina, something we have been wanting to do for a long time! Our hosts were Fabián and Family. Fabián is John’s great friend and ‘exchange brother’ who lived with John’s family for the 1982-’83 school year. “For me”, John says, “it was like a homecoming, meeting relatives for the first time.”

Welcome to 2012!     Here’s a look back at 2011

Juana, Gisela, Fabián & Pedro

a typical, impromptu gathering of family & food

Most of our trip was spent in Rosario, Fabián’s hometown. Rosario, beside the Rio Paraná, is 4 hours by road north from Buenos Aires. (It is also Lionel Messi’s hometown.)

In Gisela’s hometown of Arteaga after a little soccer match

The streets of Rosario with Juana & Pedro

John with Jorge, Fabián’s Brother, and Fabián

Fabián’s parents Chichita & Jorge

Group shop in Córdoba Province with Gisela’s family

On the Rio Paraná

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